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Women's Moon Circle monthly via Zoom 

Creating a sacred space with the divine Feminine・Flowing Asanas・Chants・Meditate・Journal・Share・Healing Circle of Light

Experience the magic of Sisterhood - next Meeting November 7th 7pm Dublin 8pm Berlin CET  Cost: 15€

Tuesday Evening Shakti Dance - The Yoga of Dance 

 Online Tuesdays @ 7pm Dublin, 8pm Berlin CET,  


Cost: 10€  payment via PayPal lindaeviston@gmx.de 

Followed by Evening Meditation

@ 8pm Dublin- 9pm Berlin CET via zoom 

Check Facebook or Instagram for offers, retreats or next workshop

IG ~ mindbodysoulwellness.de 


QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis,

Deutschland, Metropole Nürnberg, Berlin

Killarney, Ireland - Vancouver, Canada

QHHT Sessions in English & Deutsch      Cost: 366€ ~ session  ( 5 hours)

Book your appointment by Tel:  + 49 172 8998 227   or  Email   info@energy-healing.eu

 Treatments via Zoom or in Person 2022 

 in English or German


Healing Temple of Light Journey                120 min     222€ 

Spiritual (Past Life) Regression                   90 min      166€ 

Energy/ Sound / Quantum Healing               60 min      111€  

Transformational Coaching                          60 min        88€  


Shakti Dance - Yoga & Dance

Tuesday Evening                                            90  min        10€    online followed by Meditation

7pm Dublin, 8pm CET  Berlin 


Meditation                                                      Free Community Service online

Tuesday Evening

8pm Dublin, 9pm CET  Berlin   



Thursday Morning                                           60  min      10€    online

9am Dublin 10am CET  Berlin


Women's Monthly Moon Circle                      2hrs           15€   online


Treatment Language English or German



 Treatments only in Person 2022 



Past Life Regression- QHHT  (5  hrs)                366€  

Dolores Cannon Method ~ in Person


Gong Rebirthing (2 hrs)                                  166€ 

30min Coaching,     

90 mins Chakra Balancing,

Quantum Healing & Symphonic Gong


Group Gong Bath                                            33€



 Gift Certificates are available per email or post



TARALINDA is a Spiritual Minister and  Officiates MYSTICAL WEDDINGS  using the ancient Celtic Ritual of  HANDFASTING, tying the Knot, Aura cleansing and more. 

please contact  TaraLinda for more info, prices and free dates.